The world trade today is more than ever affected by logistics. In the wake of several global crises like COVID-19 pandemic or recent unfortunate war in Ukraine, to name a few, transportation of goods has gained an unprecedentedly changing dynamics. Such drastic change can put several businesses in trouble. Let’s discuss grinding media business specifically! Transportation can have a considerable contribution to our grinding balls final prices. Amongst several other factors it can determine competitiveness of our products in any destination market.  

Moreover, swift delivery of grinding media balls is a serious concern of many mine operators due to the fact that without timely delivery of grinding balls, there is a risk that mineral processing plants ball mills face unscheduled shut downs which equals to significant reduction in productivity. That is to say, although importance of logistics is undeniable, a well-experienced logistics team has become increasingly essential for grinding media suppliers universally.

Over the course of time, ALPHA GRINDING MEDIA has gained vast experience in transiting grinding balls to different parts of the world using various modes of transport and routes. Our logistics team uses land, railway, maritime or combination of different modes, where required, to deliver your grinding media orders as fast as possible according to your required incoterms.

While trucks are preferable for closer locations, sea transport is usually more practical when moving the goods through continents and more distant locations. Where railway network is available, it can be alternatively a more interesting mode, compared to trucks, based on order quantity. Railway is especially a good way to connect landlocked countries. Having said that, sources, transit times and many other factors shall be analyzed when offering grinding balls. Such analysis can be reliable when it is backed up by experience and knowledge. ALPHA enjoys a logistics team that is resourceful and experienced enough to optimize delivery of your orders.

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