Forged Steel Grinding Balls

Forged Steel Grinding Balls


Forged steel grinding balls is a common term used for steel balls that are produced either by (hammer/stamp) forging or skew rolling methods. Alpha Grinding Media offers a wide range of forged steel grinding balls sizes, ranging from 20 mm to 125 mm. We can also produce other sizes according to our clients’ requirements. For smaller diameter steel balls, up to 80 mm, our production method is skew rolling. While for larger steel balls sizes, we hammer/stamp forge the balls. Following production steel balls go through heat treatment to increase their hardness. To alter their micro structure, we quench and temper the forged grinding balls in conditions that are specifically designed for each particular alloy.

We normally produce forged steel balls from medium-carbon alloys, such as 70Cr2 and 1060. As the standard name suggests, 70Cr2 has a small chromium content that provides excellent mechanical and physical properties for our steel balls. Surface hardness of our forged steel grinding balls ranges between 58-62 HRC with volumetric hardness ranging between 55-62 HRC. Our steel balls for use in mineral processing SAG mill and ball mill operations bring about minimum wear and breakage rates. Several factors affect forged grinding balls’ mechanical properties. That’s why our QC team inspects all loads carefully prior to loading. What’s more, we can tailor our production methods and raw material to reach different hardness profiles so as to maximize your grinding performance. For material test certificates and any further required info, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Forged Steel Grinding Balls from In-House Round Bars

Our another advantage is that we have taken one step beyond. Meaning that in spite of the conventional forged steel grinding balls producers, we also produce hot rolled round bars from billets in a separate production facility ourselves. This gives us an edge in pricing and flexibility in delivery time. Moreover, we supply our round bars to our associate steel balls production mills in Turkey and Eastern Europe. Not only have this potential benefited us financially, but also it has given us the great possibility to control prices and quality in occasions when we supply the grinding media from our partner steel balls factories for being more competitive in terms of price and delivery terms. Additionally, we have built strong effective cooperation with our supposedly competitors.

Forged Steel Grinding Balls in a Big Bag

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