What to take into consideration when purchasing grinding media balls?

What to take into consideration when purchasing grinding media balls?

Whether you trade grinding balls or consume them directly in your plants, at some point you might have asked yourself if you have taken everything into account! Some mines have general protocols while others refer to in-house ones. But there are also cases when such protocols are simply non-existent. Creating or improving grinding media purchasing strategies can help mines boost their production efficiency while saving more money and constantly making more profits over the course of time.

Purchasing process, product characteristics, contracting, supplier selection, and quality control shall all be taken into account to fulfill grinding media needs. End users shall constantly record all current and previous experiences carefully and analyze the effects of different purchasing strategies to find ways for probable improvements. For instance, one improvement can be shifting in the grinding media purchase from conventional methods by adding tender procedures, creating supplier database, and purchasing strategy unification.

In the wake of industrialization and as the global trade grew, competition got fiercer and importance of purchasing departments became more significant, because purchase gradually gained a profit-centered dynamic with saved money reflecting on company’s profit. This is especially vivid in grinding balls trade where a well-established purchase department can add value to mining operations by increasing efficiency and reducing costs at the same time. Steady price-quality balance and stability do not happen by accident as they are direct product of smart purchase policies.

It’s noteworthy that purchase departments’ role in grinding media business is more revealing as they should find an optimum point between price and quality. This requires constant recording and analysis of different factors. To avoid fluctuations in production, that is the very last thing a ball mill needs, mines had better stick to one unchanging grinding balls quality. ALPHA is proud to be supporting its clients with minimum price fluctuations, which are inevitable due to raw material price changes, while keeping a steady grinding balls quality in the long run. And this is all a mineral processing plant would wish for!

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