Hot Rolled Round Bars

Hot Rolled Round Bars

Hot rolled round bars, normally called “round bars”, are our flagship product. Not only are they raw material to our forged grinding balls and rods, but also we supply them as finished product. Indeed, we owe this to pretty high capacity of round bars production.

We supply round bars to other grinding media producers. They either hammer forge or skew roll the bars. After final heat treatment for hardening, their forged grinding balls will be ready. Sometimes our customers simply heat treat the bars to obtain grinding rods. Forging and hot die pressing plants are our other customers. They use our round bars to produce different mechanical components. Namely gears, shafts, drives, railings, etc. for multiple structures and industries are in this category.

In Alpha, we produce round bars through hot rolling of steel billets. Alpha pays much attention to quality of steel billets used for in our production line. Because steel billets quality will control many of our final products quality. For this purpose, our QC team is responsible to make necessary tests and reassures the quality of billets before they reach our workshops. Finally, our QC team keeps one reference sample of each batch of purchased raw material for six months to be able to investigate any future claims. In our experience, hot rolled round bars used for production of grinding balls or rods, shall have lower than standard Phosphorous and Sulfur impurities to minimize the breakage rate of the grinding media in operation.

Our mainly used alloy steels are 70Cr2, 1060, and 100Cr6. Sizes vary from 20 mm to 150 mm in diameter with standard length of 6 meters. Depending on our customers’ preferences, we can customize our production using alternative materials and/or producing the bars in different lengths. Our production process is absolutely robust which results in consistent chemical composition and shape. We pay delicate attention to straightness of our bars.

Alpha’s round bars are being used in Turkey and various European countries with competitive prices. You can be our next client. Hence do not hesitate to contact us for details on materials and prices.

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