Grinding Rods

Grinding Rods

Grinding rods are another type of grinding media produced by Alpha. Unlike forged and cast grinding balls, they are designed for application in rod mills for processing metals like iron, gold, and copper. Alternatively, some of our clients use them for processing coke and friable non-minerals, grinding glass, or grinding gravel to produce sand.

Although we produce round bars in a variety of sizes, our quenching and tempering furnace for grinding rods can heat treat sizes 80 and 100 mm with maximum length of 5 m, based on its design. Additionally, according to market demands, we normally produce steel rods in 70Cr2 or 100Cr6 alloys, unless our clients request otherwise.

As is the case with grinding balls, our heat treatment process for steel rods is also the famous quench temper process. Nevertheless, there are details in the heat treatment process that requires experience and proficiency to maximize wear resistance and milling efficiency. Alpha has a team of heat treatment experts and metallurgists on board who adjust the parameters according to raw material and end-users’ application.

We control the straightness of our rods by a special straightening equipment. Length tolerance and diameter tolerance are according to internationally approved standards. We supply grinding rods in standard packaging of 2-3 MT bundles in 20’ containers. Our grinding rods are the perfect match for the most abrasive milling conditions due to high hardness, low wear rate and toughness.

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