Cast Grinding Balls

Cast Grinding Balls

Alpha offers cast grinding balls with different chromium contents for use in SAG mills and ball mills in mining, cement and steel industries. Unlike forged grinding balls that are produced by hammer forging or skew rolling, cast balls are made by metal mold casting. They are also different in composition, wear performance and impact resistance comparing to forged ones.

To respond to market demands in countries where we operate, years ago we took over one of the most experienced high chromium grinding balls manufacturers. Afterwards, we implemented our resources in different locations for successful marketing of chromium cast steel balls with central focus on production capacity and quality. As a result, a paradigm was promoted that has played an important role in our company’s development. Our QC team takes samples from each supplied load for testing, quality assurance, and future reference as is the case with all the products we offer.

Currently we are known for high quality low wear rate cast balls that are leading among the most famous international brands in the field of grinding media. Our experience record indicates an average wear rate of 6.3 gr per MT which is much lower that internationally accepted rates.

We supply three types of cast grinding balls. Firstly, normal chromium for cement plants and dry mineral mills with sizes from 15 to 125 mm. Secondly, high chromium, 30% Cr, balls in 30, 40, and 50 mm. Thirdly, tailor-made low chromium cast steel balls that can compete with forged grinding balls in terms of price and quality for wet milling operations. These cast balls are produced from 25-100 mm.

If needed Alpha can also supply high hardness, low wear, and low breakage grinding cylpebs for application in ball mills / SAG mills of cement and chemicals plants in different sizes and with different chromium contents.

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