Today Alpha Grinding Media has become a brand that resembles stability. Already active in several central Asian, north African & European markets, our goal is to make inroads to new territories. Yet keeping our existing customers content. For this reason, quality is our highest priority.

With the benefit of longstanding experience in the field, best in the market staff and tried and tested processes, we have a growth mindset. We look forward to showcasing our value proposition to customers throughout the world.
Mines around the world need our grinding media in their ball mills. We offer perfect products using high quality raw materials and cutting edge, state of the art machinery that will add value to customers’ organizations due to the fact that grinding balls are one of the major consumables in the mining industry. So not only do we offer competitive prices, but also our products result in lowest wear rates practiced by the industry.

We offer Steel balls in variety of sizes from 25 to 125 millimetres. Which fall into forged, roll-forged and cast types depending on application and sizes. The so-called forged steel balls of size 20 to 80 are roll forged according to their size. While higher sizes are forged.

Quenching and tempering process provide our steel grinding balls with the desired physical characteristics, e.g. surface and volumetric hardness which in turn results in the lowest breakage and wear rate.

At Alpha grinding media, we strive to produce premium steel products. Our grinding balls and rods have unparalleled quality among competitors due to different QC/QA stages. These stages include different lab tests as well as visual inspection.

By far several mines have welcomed our steel grinding balls and grinding rods throughout the world. Nevertheless, we are still ambitious to introduce our products to new markets and customers.

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